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Whistleblower Attorneys Blog. Abbott had promoted Depakote for other uses than.Depakote settlement talks underway over illegal promotion of the popular antiepileptic. The U.S. government has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Abbott,.

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Whistleblower lawsuits allege that Abbott marketed Depakote,.Four whistleblower suits were filed under the qui tam provisions of the.Federal prosecutors are stepping in to take over three whistleblower lawsuits against Abbott Laboratories that claim the drug maker illegally promoted Depakote, an.

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For off label marketing of the drug Depakote, a federal district judge last week ordered Abbott Laboratories to pay a.

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Former Abbott Rep Files Whistleblower Lawsuit. Depakote Seizures Birth Defects.

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Research shows the anticonvulsant drug divalproex sodium—sold under the brand name Depakote (and, less commonly, as.Depakote Birth Injury and Wall Street Journal Report That Abbott Laboratories Under Investigation For Off-Label Marketing of Depakote.

This Week: PharMerica Resolves Kickbacks. promoting Depakote, an Abbott drug.Abbott Laboratories is said to be in talks with federal prosecutors over allegations that it illegally marketed Depakote.ACS BookTalk features posts by authors of books on pressing law or policy concerns.

Omnicare has announced it will settle with the Department of Justice in two federal suits accusing the pharmacy giant of taking kickbacks from Abbott Laboratories.ABBOTT LABS TRYING TO SETTLE DEPAKOTE WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUITS. and specialty executives with Abbott.DOJ joins Omnicare lawsuit over alleged Abbott Depakote kickbacks. a well-known whistleblower attorney who was lead.

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A former Abbott Laboratories saleswoman has filed a federal lawsuit against the.Omnicare allegedly entered into agreements with Abbott to recommend Depakote over competitor.

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Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges Abbott, Supplier Omnicare Involved in Illegal Kickback Scheme.

No one knows how big the settlement between Abbott Labs (ABT) and the Department of Justice will be in the whistleblower litigation over Depakote, an anti-seizure drug.

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Abbott Laboratories. the U.S. Department of Justice joined in a whistleblower suit brought by former Abbott employees accusing.One of the uses for which Abbott Labs promoted Depakote was for.A former employee filed the whistleblower lawsuit. just weeks later, Abbott is in the hot seat again after Amy.

Amgen also enlisted these same pharmacy companies to promote its ...

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Department of Justice Joins Whistleblower Suit Against Abbott.

Whistleblower Lawsuits and Claims Seeger Weiss attorneys have successfully represented whistleblowers in a wide array of matters, including cases that have led to.Abbott Laboratories Inc. made untold amounts of money by misbranding and marketing anti-pshychotic Depakote.

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The U.S. Department of Justice has decided to join a whistleblower case filed by three former Abbott Laboratories sales representatives, who allege that Abbott was.